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Dublin Business Network

A group of SME owner-managers


Low cost

Members pay only €45 per month by standing order which covers the IMI room hire and refreshments charge.

No commissions

DBN members refer their fellow members on the basis that they know and trust them to deliver a cost-effective and honest service. When members get to know and trust you, they will refer you to people they know. This is the way the system works.

No competitors

We operate a strict “one person per trade / profession” policy, so no conflicts of interest can arise, and members or visitors can come to the weekly meetings knowing that their competitors cannot join the group.


The network is as much about “social” as it is about business. We organise regular events, as it is important for everyone to get to know each other if we intend to recommend fellow members to family, friends or business contacts!


There is a positive, supportive attitude among members and this creates a network of expertise that members can rely on as and when they need it

About The Network

Who is DBN?
Dublin Business Network (DBN) is a group of SME business owners who come together on a regular basis to share business opportunities with each other, refer real and relevant business leads to each other and actively support in a mutually beneficial partnership.

What we do?
We do the business!
As a vibrant group of non competing businesses, representing a wide range of professions, trades and services, we meet regularly to refer business to each other, support each other, learn from each other and build up key contacts.

We operate on a ‘one person one trade/profession’ to ensure fairness and enable our members to reap the rewards of their membership of DBN.

We believe that networking is a key component of successful businesses and we facilitate this through our cohesive, inclusive and supportive networking group, which prides itself on delivering solid financial results, building positive and supportive long lasting connections, which can prove beneficial for years after the initial introduction.

Dublin Business Networks

is a group of SME owner-managers that get together every Friday morning to share business opportunities and support each other.

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Supportive Attitude


Members of Dublin Business Network have access to a large business network across the entire island of Ireland. We have a reciprocal arrangement with Reformnet in Belfast, to foster both cross border referrals and grow our extensive support network. Both groups have a similar ethos in promoting business for their members but also a strong cohesive support network. There is a very important social aspect to this partnership in that members of DBN and Reformnet meet regularly in a relaxed setting where members can enjoy dining with their counterparts. This convivial approach to business is now more important than ever in light of Brexit. Members swap contacts, open doors and are welcome to attend each other’s meetings at every opportunity.


Home and international assistance
Are you planning to move back to Ireland after time spent living and working abroad?
Do you want to establish your business here?
Would you like to invest in property or acquire a holiday property?
If it’s a yes to any of these questions, then the Dublin Business Network can help you with what is a seismic move. The members of DBN have a wide breath of knowledge, offer varied professional services, all of which will help you make the move so much easier. You can avail of trusted professional advice including financial, legal, commercial and residential property as well as gleaning invaluable advice from many other specialists in various industries.

Dublin Business Network and Reformnet have a reciprocal affiliation which seeks to foster both cross border business referrals and support networking for members north and south of the border. Both groups have a similar ethos in promoting business for their members but which also includes a strong support network and social aspect. Members of DBN and reformnet meet regularly and are welcome to attend each other’s meetings whenever the opportunity arises.

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